DEADLINE : 25 OCTOBER 2020​​​​​​​
Send pictures, videos, of your artworks on and be part of a collective exhibition, in collaboration with Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture.
Super invites you to give your interpretation of the word « ENERGY ». What is « ENERGY » for you ? A topic free of interpretation and medium open to everybody.
This exhibition will be a laboratory of interactive and participative experiment to discover at Espronceda, and in a Virtual Gallery with Mozilla Hub.
Check the first edition of Super :
Who is it addressed to
To artists and non-artists, individuals and collectives, all ages. Super is a project open to everybody, it's based on the capacity to create together for collective energy and free expression.
This is not a competition but a collective project based on participation.

Super is a free open call. No fees required. 
All interested parties must submit : 
• Profile picture
• Short presentation with complete name
• Social media link
• A text explaining the artistic proposal
• Print : Send you artwork in High quality.
• Publication : The required format is 289mm x 380mm
• Video : send your video in MP4 file
• All media are welcome : Installation, performance, music, poetry...
There is no maximum number of artworks limitation. Feel free to send what you want.
If you want to send your original artwork, the costs will be at your charge.
If you are, or you have the possibility to come to Barcelona, let's talk : super__corp,
Due to Covid19 measurements, this is not necessary to come to Barcelona for a residency.
Virtual Exhibition
The 5th of November, we will launch a Virtual Gallery in Mozilla Hub.
This Gallery will be available with your phone, computer or VR headset. It will be available to discover in Virtual Reality in the physical exhibition until the 9th of November in Espronceda.
Supported media :
Video : Standard video formats, embed videos from popular video hosting websites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Twitch
• Images : PDF, JPEG, PNG files.
• Audio : MP3 files.
• 3D objects : Hubs supports importing glTF binary (.glb) models. If the tool you use doesn't create .glb files, use a tool like Blender to convert your model.

Physical Exhibition
The event "Super Lab" will be from 5th to 9th of November in Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture, in Barcelona.
This exhibition will contain :
• Print : Artworks will be printed in a publication and posters.
• Video : Videos and digital art will be installed with different screen and video projectors.
• Several interactive experiments.
All media are welcome : Installation, performance, music, poetry...
See you in November in real or virtual !
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