Super is a project started by Victor de Ladonchamps in 2019, at ESA le 75, Brussels.

It is a project based on the idea of bringing people
together for collective participation and free
expression. Each edition works with a call for participation about a certain topic, free of medium and interpretation.

Super is a social study about how people get
involved in a creative way and collective projects.
How one idea can be interpreted in many
different ways and how completely different people
can unite energy and strength to a project ?

The first theme chosen by the Super team was
Bagarre”, in English “Brawl”. The project gathered
at the first edition a hundred of artworks, from
people of all ages and from various backgrounds.

These artworks have been exhibited
in two group exhibitions in Brussels.
The works were also printed in a magazine.
Thanks to Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture, Super came back for a new edition about the "Energy" topic and a collective exhibition in Barcelona the 5th of November.
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